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Introduction to VISITview1

James LaDue

If you are ready to download a VISITview session from our WDTD server but have never done so before, this webpage should be informative to you. Use the contents to the left to navigate your way through the instructions.

VISITview is a teletraining software package developed by Tom Whittaker at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies in the University of Wisconsin. VISITview has been developed with a NOAA grant and it is freely available among all government and university agencies.

VISITView is set up so that one (or more) of those connected serve as the "master" (or instructor) and have full control over what everyone is viewing. Others are configured as "students" or "viewers". The "students" can also control most of the aspects of everyone else's view screen (except the selection of the dataset being viewed), while the "viewer" can only position the pointer to a new location. In the DLOC course, the students should only invoke the student version of VISITview.

A central server acts as a focal point between students and instructors of the same session. Currently, we have three with the OSF server acting as the default. Each lesson has a unique 'groupname' (or group) that logically separates participants of one lesson from another just in case more than one lesson is occurring at the same time on the same server.

You should review some definitions that accompany VISITview so that we all know what the other is talking about during a DLOC VISITview session. Please review this terminology page.

For more detailed information about VISITview, see these webpages:

The VISITview homepage. Inside there are a few interesting pages:

Go to page 1 for the next step: setting up the DLOC directories.

Contents: Intro - Setup - Installation - Overview - Test - Start Session -
Control Panels
- Other Controls - FAQ

Tom Whittaker is the producer of VISITview. These pages have been adapted from Tom Whittaker'sVISITview homepage

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