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AWOC Help Central

Having trouble with AWOC? This is the place to find help.

If you have a question, use the email addresses below to contact the AWOC IC team appropriate to the question. If you have an unrelated question, feel free to contact us via the Feedback Form. NOTE: Please indicate what your question is about in the subject field of the feedback form so that we can provide the most accurate and timely response possible.

Email Addresses

Email addresses have been setup by topic in AWOC. These addresses will reach all of the team members for a give IC or topic.

Topic / Team
Email Address
General Help
AWOC Help E-mail address
Use this address for administrative questions.
AWOC Core E-mail List
For questions or comments related to AWOC Core.
AWOC Severe
AWOC Severe E-mail List
For questions or comments related to AWOC Severe.
Forecast Challenge
AWOC Severe E-mail List
For questions or comments related to AWOC Forecast Challenge.


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