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Advanced Warning Operations Course

Important Notice: The FY14 version of the Advanced Warning Operations Course (AWOC) Core and Severe Tracks is an accelerated delivery for FY14 DLOC graduates. Here are some key days regarding the FY14 version of the course:

  • May 6: Course activated in the LMS for ILT registration through Learning Plans
  • May 26-June 9: WES-1 Simulation DVDs mailed to offices
  • July 6-Aug. 30: AWOC Severe Forecast Challenge
  • July 10, July 23, Aug. 5, and Aug. 18: Forecast Challenge debriefs (register from your Learning Plan)
  • July-September: Three AWOC Core ILTs offered (register from your Learning Plan)
  • July-September: Three AWOC Severe ILTs offered (register from your Learning Plan)

Information on the changes for the FY14 version of AWOC can be found below:

NWS Virtual Lab Instructions: We recommend you participate in the WDTD Severe Forecast Challenge forum on the NWS Virtual Lab to facilitate interaction with instructors and fellow students:

1. Go to the NWS Virtual Lab and "Sign In" using your NOAA LDAP ID (email address minus the "@noaa.gov") and password.
2. Ask to "Join" the "Warning Decision Training Division (WDTD)" Community listed under the "All Available Communities" list.
3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after we have approved your membership.
4. You may then access the "Warning Decision Training Division (WDTD)" community listed under "My Communities." The "Severe Forecast Challenge" forum is subcategory under the Advanced Warning Operations Course (AWOC).
5. Once in that forum you will be able to start and contribute to discussion topics with fellow students as well as to view forecast discussion feedback given to other students. The discussion feedback that is posted will be anonymous and will not be attributed to a student by name.

AWOC Participants

These pages are resources for everyone participating (Facilitator and Student) in AWOC. Try these links to find background information on the course, learn about participant roles and responsibilities, and access other information that will help you take or administer the course.


The AWOC Core Track is composed of 4 Instructional Components. This track contains approximately 10 hours of training on issues that impact warning operations in ways that are generally independent of the weather threat, including: situational awareness, office strategies, and data quality.

Course Description

AWOC Severe

The AWOC Severe Track is composed of 5 Instructional Components, one of which are two severe weather WES simulations. This track contains approximately 15 hours of training that addresses many topics that are pertinent to issuing severe weather warnings, including: conceptual models of convective storms, threat assessment, and storm interrogation.

Course Description

AWOC Flash Flood

The AWOC Flash Flood Track is composed of several lessons and a simulation that address meteorological and hydrological that are pertinent to flash floods. This track contains approximately 6 hours of training including: conceptual models of flash flood events, using FFMP, enhanced wording in Flash Flood Warnings, and the meteorology of extreme rainfall events.

Course Description

AWOC Winter

The AWOC Winter Track is composed of 8 Instructional Components, including one that is an introductory video. This track contains approximately 20 hours of training that addresses a variety of topics that are pertinent to issuing winter weather warnings, including climatology, precipitation forcing mechanisms, and forecasting synoptic/mesoscale precipitation type and amounts.
Course Description

AWOC Support

There are many resources available to help support the delivery of the different AWOC tracks. Try these links to access help pages, read our AWOC FAQ page, learn more about the learning management system (LMS) being used for AWOC, and contact our staff if you have an AWOC-related question. AWOC Help Central
AWOC Email Contacts



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